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SLP Powder Pro Ski

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SLP Powder Pro Ski

$125.95 Each

Ski Kit Shipping Special!

When you order a Complete Ski Kit you will be refunded the shipping!

Complete Ski Kit Must Include:

  • Any Pair of Skis
  • Loop Pair for Skis
  • Ski Mounting Kit
  • Any Carbide Pair

Offer good only in U.S. contiguous lower 48 states. Shipping cost will be refunded when we process the order.

Order 2 Skis of Your Color Preference

4 Easy Steps To Ordering Your SLP Skis

  1. Skis: MoHawk, SLT, Powder Pro
  2. Loops: MoHawk, SLT, Powder Pro
  3. Mounts
  4. Carbides or Carbide/Keel Combo

Ultimate In Loose Snow Performance

The Powder Pro Ski is a good match for mountain riders who spend most of their time in deep powder snow off trail. The Powder Pro Ski is slightly more aggressive than the MoHawk Ski. For serious mountain riders looking for control and flotation in the deep powder snow, this is the ski for you.

Powder Pro Ski Features

  • Deep snow steering ability
  • Low speed snow mobility
  • Popular colors
  • Unique multi-level keel design
  • Powder control wings

Note: We stock black and white, we order all other colors as requested.

SLP Powder Pro Ski

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SLP Powder Pro SkiSLP Powder Pro SkiSLP Powder Pro SkiSLP Powder Pro Ski
SLP Powder Pro SkiSLP Powder Pro SkiSLP Powder Pro Ski