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SLP Carbide Keel Combo

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SLP Carbide/Keel Combo for SLT Skis Only

4 Easy Steps To Ordering Your SLP Skis

  1. Skis: MoHawk, SLT, Powder Pro
  2. Loops: MoHawk, SLT, Powder Pro
  3. Mounts
  4. Carbides or Carbide/Keel Combo

Select This Carbide/Keel Combo For Hard Pack

For the best trail runner combination for reduced darting select this Carbide Runner and Keel Blade combo. This combination, along with the hourglass keel design of the SLT skis achieves the maximum reduction of tracking and darting with minimal arm effort. The Keel Blade only works with this Trail Carbide and this Trail Carbide MUST be used in conjunction with the Keel Blade. This combo is sold in pairs.

SLP Carbide Keel Combo

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SLP Carbide Keel Combo