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Curve Skis Loop Plate


Curve Skis Loop Plate Pair

$40.95 Per Pair

Ordering Your Curve Skis

  1. Select Skis: XS, XSM
  2. Add Loops XS or XSX
  3. Add Loop mounting hardware
  4. Add Ski Mounting Kit
  5. Add Carbides
  6. Thrusters - optional
  7. Leading Edge - optional

Add another dimension to your ski. The loop plates offer another dimension of aesthetics in the vertical sense to your Curve ski system. Drag racers can take advantage of the plate's ability to break the beam when competing for 1st place.

Curve Ski Loop Plate Features

  • Specially designed aesthetics
  • Ultra durable UHMW construction
  • Drag race applicable

Curve Skis Loop Plate

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Curve Skis Loop PlateCurve Skis Loop Plate