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Carbides for Curve Skis

Woody's: Select Size/Type
Woody's Slim Jim Dooly: Select Size
Stud Boy: Select Size

Carbides for Curve Skis

Ordering Your Curve Skis

  1. Select Skis: XS, XSM
  2. Add Loops XS or XSX
  3. Add Loop mounting hardware
  4. Add Ski Mounting Kit
  5. Add Carbides
  6. Thrusters - optional
  7. Leading Edge - optional

Sold Per Pair, Except Woody's Slim Jim Dooly (Sold Individually)

Woody's Notes:

  • Woody's front of runner has slight bend
  • May need hole drilled in front of ski

Woody's Slim Jim Dooly Notes:

  • Order 2 per machine, sold individually
  • Front runner has slight bend

Stud Boy Notes:

  • Front of runner has slight bend

Carbides for Curve Skis

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Carbides for Curve Skis